Thank you for considering me as your personal success coach.  If you are ready to build a fulfilling business that actually helps other people, I'm excited to work with you.

I want to help you take the knowledge, experience, and passion that is already inside of you, and turn it into a lifestyle friendly 6-figure dream business.

Below you will find an outline of my 6 Weeks to 6 Figures Plan...
  • Week 0 - This is right now.  Before you move forward, please make sure you are ready to work and you are ready to become the face of your business.  This will include networking, creating content, and putting yourself out there.  Understand this will be hard.
  • Week 1 - Congratulations.  We will start with a 30 minute strategy session.  Then you will work through the exercises inside 100K Brands to establish your business plan.
  • Week 2 - We will review the work done in week 1 and work together to create your first offer.
  • Week 3 - Create your website, establish you brand, and get ready to take your first payment.
  • Week 4 - Use the ABC Content Funnel™ Secrets to establish your expertise, create your web of influence, and land your first paying customer.
  • Week 5  - Help someone. What results are did you get?  What objections did you overcome?  What breakthroughs did you see?
  • Week 6 - Planning for 6-Figures and beyond.  Get ready to scale.
Let's Get Started...
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Due to the extreme level of personal attention you will receive in this private coaching program, all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

Plain English Earnings Disclaimer

No income claims are guaranteed.  Either are results.  All I can do is help guide you down that path that allowed me to create my 6 figure business.  You are paying for Brian's consultation, not specific results.

I am excited to work with you.
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